4Ever Green BMR Hybrid Forage Sorghum combines photo period sensitivity and "Brown Midrib" characteristics resulting in a multi-leaf
high tonnage hybrid forage sorghum.   4Ever Green BMR increases the digestibility of the stem and leaves while the lignin content is reduced by 40% to 60%.  In grazing studies, 4Ever Green BMR has proven to be  number one in livestock preference.  Stalks were grazed to the ground.  Use 4EVER Green BMR for green chop, grazing and hay.

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Cultural Practice:

Seed Count: 
15,000 to 16,000 seed per lb.

Seeding Rate: 

Grazing: 15-25 lbs. per acre
Hay:  35 obs. per acre

Planting Methods:
Plant in rows for grazing.  Drill for hay.

Planting Time:
after soil temperature reaches 65 degrees  F. and day length
12-20 (Spring)

For top quality hay cut 2-4 inches
off the ground at 70 days


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